Wii control the vertical..

I do wish that I had thought of this idea but alas I overheard it in a shop the other day. Picture this, small independent games shop, Sunday afternoon, two staff and myself no more. In walks a father and his young daughter, approaches the counter and asks,

“Do you sell the wee controllers for the Wii?”


Like myself, on eavesdropping, the staff had assumed that he had meant a “Wii” controller for the Wii.

“Yup, we’ve got third party ones and official ones,” said the helpful assistant. He got them down from the shelf and showed them to the man and child.

“No, they’re too big do you not have any WEE ones?”

The penny finally dropped all round the shop. It turns out that the girl had got a Wii but was finding the Wiimote too big and needed a smaller version. When you think about it it is at the very most a basic request but one that is not fulfilled in the games market. A great many of us have kids, myself included, and if, like me, you encourage the kids to play games it is important in the first point of contact that the kids can hold and use the controllers.

When the Xbox first launched I hated the HUUUUUGE controllers that came with it and was pleased when the controller S launched, it was smaller, more comfortable and made gaming so much better. So I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for a child to want to play a game but not be able to because of the large controllers. With the advent of family gaming through the Wii it seems that this is the one peripheral that the Wii really needs. Not golf club handles or fishing rods or tennis racquets just a kids size Wiimote. Lets get that right first then maybe we can have mini-me controllers for all the consoles.








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  1. James avatar

    Urgh 😛 I remember those big silly Xbox controllers. Awful things they were.

    And let us be glad the PS3 decided to have a ‘normal’ controller rather than the boomerang twit one they were originally going to have.

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