One Small Step For Shaz

I’ll admit I’m proud to be one of the founding authors of Ready-Up but how did I find my way in? Sure I am glad to befriend our authors here and it’s nice to see some different perspectives in our posts. But I’m going to tell you this… just under a year ago I didn’t know anyone here, anyone from the forum or my Xbox friends list.

Believe it or not it was just a short space of 4 months where I’d truly made my name or so I think. At that time I successfully nagged everyone into meeting up for some social gaming. Something that I had only thought was an innocent idea but I pulled it off. *Thumbs up*
After that I’d grown more to the community and the friends I now have to game with (especially with Xbox keeping us in touch). I’ve been able to get printed twice (thanks Kirsten!) and it’s spurred me on to keep writing through on-line or submitting voluntarily to magazines.

So still going strong I’ve made a good kick start to the new year. With the help of my forum buddies our Fragdoll UK Forum Meet of Jan 08 was excellent! I’m quite pleased with the response and I feel it’s brought the everybody a little closer. Also attracting newcomers to our group. This time around the meet had grown larger than our last back in Sept 07. Collaborating with the DS:London group is a bonus bringing more gamers to the field trip and plus it meant that I didn’t have to organise the afternoon/evening. Hehe.

So the day contained plenty of gaming madness:


followed by even more gaming madness! (virtual and non-virtual) :


Best for last my favourite photo and the reason why I like to organise the meets.








4 responses to “One Small Step For Shaz”

  1. Gentleben avatar

    Wow, Check out those hot moves on the dancing stage!

  2. Tony avatar

    That “darts” game was fun. Fantastic point and shoot interface. You really felt like you were actually playing darts. Oh, wait…

  3. Michael avatar

    What I want to know is why there seems to be a basket (or maybe more than one) stuck to the wall… What on earth were you doing?!

  4. Evil Harb avatar
    Evil Harb

    Thought you’d like those shos, Gentleben 🙂

    And Tony: rumour has it that in Darts 2 (due out sometime in the summer) will allow players to stuf pillows up their shirts so they can customize their look and they can really be like their darts playing idols, such as the great Eric Bristow 😉

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