There comes a time…

When you go to see the good old family in Birmingham… and also check out that “new gaming place” which I stumbled across in a magazine article.

Ladies and Gentleman I introduce to you,


Perfect spot for PC gamers. Lacking little for console lovers.There’s PC’s everywhere you look and quite a pleasant sight it is. All of them rigged up with *bunny fingers* “state-of-the-art” equipment. Our guide who gave us an introductory tour had unbelievably huge faith in that their machines could run Crysis at it’s maximum settings. *Cough*

Now with this in mind I had later hopped onto a desktop machine and sorted out my log-in and account password. Slight smile as I’m typing away because I am the one and only “TinyShaz” of Omega Sektor. Nice to know you are the original holder of the same name among various gamer accounts. I booted up Battlefield 2 from the start menu and thinking I was “doing them a favour” by changing the gaming settings to it’s highest (seeing as it’s state of the art, yeah?) … What did I get? A daunting blank screen with the words “Out Of Range”.

A murmur of “oh dear”, nervous laugh and I sat there scratching my head. Hit CTRL, ALT and DELETE before anyone sees. Thankfully I wasn’t on one of the many computers that have a monitor hanging above my head showing the rest of the room what I was up to.

As mentioned before, they are lacking in consoles. The most I saw was five Xbox 360’s placed around a pillar which cries out “Gears Of War” to my mind. (Only because it’s what I’ve been playing most lately). However looking at the naked consoles and game pads sitting on empty chairs, I didn’t want to trouble a staff member to go dig out a copy of Gears Of War from the back just for me.

The place seemed dead but I think it’s the fact that it did only open last year summer and speaking to an old friend of mine who works there, Omega hasn’t been promoting much. So as a side note that it’s still in it’s infancy I bid people to go check it out for just £5 for the whole day! So that’s unlimited access to all their games from 9am till closure at about 11pm. Oh and when you sign up you can get a lovely little access card to make you feel just that bit special *Thumbs up*therecomesatime2.jpg

It was a Monday and already I spotted a school kid truanting to set some high scores on Guitar Hero 3. Maybe I should have told him to go back but I was too amazed by his playing on expert mode. After he had his dosage it was my turn and I was quite pleased to have set some topping scores on Hard Mode. Though the next time I’ll visit Omega Sektor I’ll expect that my name won’t be on the top any more.

So at the end of all this it’s a recommendation from me. Hopefully one day I can organise a gamer meet there. Definitely a rendezvous point for gamer socialites.







5 responses to “There comes a time…”

  1. Donna avatar

    Codemasters is having their Connect 2008 gaming con thing there in March. I’m actually really looking forward to seeing the place almost as much as I’m looking forward to the con.

  2. Michael avatar

    Nothing like that here but… there will be this place that I spotted advertised in my local rag that’s expanding from a mobile phone shop/internet cafe (if a few vending machines makes a cafe anyway) to a gaming place with 360s and PCs! YAY! It’s a tiny place though, last time I was in there. But still a good development

  3. Marko avatar

    Do they sell alcohol in that place Shaz? Sounds pretty cool, wish we had something similar up here!

  4. Shaz avatar

    They do indeed Marko! There’s a bar upstairs and they even let you take your drink back to your computer (as long as you’re logged in on the upstairs floor).

  5. Marko avatar

    That sounds awesome. I need to get down there and check it out. I did look into a business similar to this but to be honest there wasn’t much money to be had in it. god knows how these guys are making a profit! Good on them though.

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