Post Christmas Lol Lull

It’s Friday! Time to jump on gamefaqs to checkout today’s (UK) new releases.

  • 360 – Nuffin’
  • PS3 – Nuffin’
  • DS – Geometry Wars: Galaxies (I already Imported this!)
  • PSP – Nuffin’
  • Mac – Hahahaha!! Mac Games.. WoW FTW!

OK, this is starting to get depressing, we get Burnout next week so that’ll be nice I guess. I’m not gonna go moaning about how long we have to wait for games but I was in a local indie games store the other day and they had UTIII, Time Crisis and Rock Band on import for PS3 but their inflated prices for them put me off the first two and Rock Band will be a 360 purchase for me.

I feel like a spoilt brat, this past year has been an awesome year for gaming and there are games I’ve not played that demand playing AND I own some of them, but for some reason I want something new. I’ve spent a couple of evenings playing the Street Fighter Alpha II Gold and Alpha III. I wanted to get Soul Calibur III in preparation for the upcoming sequel but it shows as having MASSIVE ISSUES or something on the Back Compat List for PS3.

So Call of Duty 4 is getting my attention, still, but I’m getting nervous. I don’t want to become sick of it. Right now I’m still loving the game, but the lobby system is still borked and last night I spent an age trying to get into a game with my usual gang. I got annoyed and after 3 actual games I called it a night. Don’t make me hate you CoD4!!

UPDATE: I must apologise to Nintendo/Capcom, there was in fact a game released this week. Zack & Wiki for the Wii, I heard very good things so here’s hoping it’s a cracker! I shall make my next blog the lowdown on this ubercute looking game.







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