Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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Stream Replay

Missed a live stream over on our channel twitch.tv/readyupvideo? Never fear, you can watch the full replay and highlights here.


Alien Revolution – XCOM 2 with Susan and Scott

Susan faces her toughest XCOM 2 challenge yet, as we encounter our first mission rated as "Difficult", Operation Tomb Hand. Who will make it out alive? We realise that our squad members have a very...

Pew Pew Pew – Hitman with Kitty

After sitting on her Steam wishlist for months, Kitty finally receives Hitman Season 1 and dives right in, leaving a trail of naked bodies in her wake. Scott pops by to keep Kitty company...

Marching off to Certain Death! XCOM 2 with Susan and Scott

It's once more into the breach with Susan and Scott. Susan starts the stream off with a Milky Way, saving a Mars for later (see what she did there?) Scott discusses the release of The Long...

Death Around Every Corner! XCOM 2 with Susan and Scott

The horror continues as the war deepens, and Susan continues to lead the band of merry soldiers into certain doom.

Indie Mondays with Kitty and Stewart – Loot Rascals and Stardew Valley

Kitty smashes the Loot Rascals leaderboards, and shows us exactly what 70+ hours can do for a farm!

Death around every corner! XCOM 2 with Susan and Scott

Susan takes command again of her band of misfits, while Scott provides assistance and moral support.

Go Go Titan Rangers! Dawn of Titans with Susan and co

Susan has a go on Dawn of Titans, accompanied by Fran and Matthew, resident game experts.

Casual Friday – Join Us for Quiplash! With Scott, Susan and Verity

Scott, Susan and Verity go head-to-head with our Twitch viewers in several rounds of Quiplash, part of the Jackbox Party Pack 2! Susan tries to remedy an out-of-control kebab order! Twitch viewer Rolo knows...

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes with Susan, Scott and Verity

We prove that we're the bomb with a tense few rounds of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

We’re All Going to Die! XCOM 2 with Susan and Scott

Susan takes charge as commander and leads a hapless group of Twitch-named soldiers.

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