Friday, August 18, 2017
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Stream Replay

Missed a live stream over on our channel Never fear, you can watch the full replay and highlights here.


Casual Friday – Zelda and Switch Launch Special with Scott

Scott gets stuck into the new Zelda on the launch day of the Nintendo Switch.

IT’S JOHN CENAAAA – A Silly Saturday Stream with Kitty, Scott and Susan

Fucco-san hopes that Cena-senpai notices him!

The Day the Squad Went Away – XCOM 2 with Susan and Scott

Actually, we didn't do too badly...?

Masochistic Monday – 1001 Spikes with Scott and Fran

Scott continues his spiky adventure.

Casual Friday – Ultimate Chicken Horse with Scott and Verity

We're back with more Ultimate Chicken Horse shenanigans!

Casual Friday – Tricky Towers with Scott and Verity

Are tetrominoes really a good foundation for a tower? Let's find out...

Casual Friday – Gauntlet with Scott and Verity

So, a Valkyrie and an Elf enter a cave...

Let’s Play 1001 Spikes with Scott and Stewart

Scott introduces Stewart to the often masochistic 1001 Spikes, attempting to highlight its unique appeal and design choices. Stewart is closing in on victory over Bloodborne; meanwhile, Scott discusses the rest of the Souls series Scott...

Thanks for 100 Followers! Quiplash with the Ready Up Team

As a thank you to our 100 followers on Twitch, Ready Up presents a group Quiplash/chicken dinner stream. We very quickly learn that the rudest possible answers are the key to success! Scott attempts...

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