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Let’s Play FTL: Part 3

Will Susan snatch victory from the jaws of defeat? Will we ever get over the death of Magmar? Is it really on Easy? Find out in the final chapter of our epic space saga.

Let’s Play FTL: Part 2

Captain-in-Training Susan meets the pursuing Rebel Fleet head on and things go about as well as you would expect

Let’s Play FTL: Part 1

Susan and Verity play FTL and discover the giant space spiders really are no joke.

Game Buffs Episode 3: The Fall

In episode three of Game Buffs Dean and James play The Fall and talk about what it means to be human (and covered in fish guts)

Lets Play Alpha – Through the Woods

Follow Kitty in her new series 'Let's Play Alpha'. Watch as Kitty promises she won't panic, followed immediately by panicking.
Geralt - The Witcher 3 The Wild Huntvideo

Playlist – The Witcher 3

"I've finally finished The Witcher!"

Four Minute Thoughts – Star Wars: Battlefront Beta

Ahead of its imminent European launch, Scott shares his Four Minute Thoughts on the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta.

Wailing Heights: a Q&A with Outsider Games

Kitty gets an inside look at Outsider Games.

Playlist – Metal Gear Solid V Part 2

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain divides the opinion of one long-term fan.

Playlist – Metal Gear Solid V Part 1

A quick chat about Metal Gear Solid V.