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Dawn of Titans

Fran takes Susan through the basics of Dawn of Titans.

Gwent Card Game Beta

Anyone for Gwent? I got a hankering for some Gwent. Gwent. You play?
Seduce Me the Otome - James Speedrunvideo

Seduce Me the Otome – Part 4

Bishe Boy hour returns and the horror only deepens as Susan and her companions, Kitty and Verity, dive deeper into the romance visual novel.

Manual Samuel

It's QWOP taken to the Nth degree! Can Kitty guide rich brat Samuel through Hell, menial labour and robot operation!? The lives of 300...
Hello Neighbourvideo

Hello Neighbour

Kitty and Scott venture back into the basement.

Casual Friday – Trapper’s Delight

Susan, Scott and Verity play Trapper's Delight, making life endlessly complicated for themselves. Who put that there?! Sneaky bombs, even sneakier catapults and... ice...

Casual Friday – Gauntlet

Scott, Verity and Fran play Gauntlet on the PS4. Scott cheeses all the gold.

Lets Play – Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed...

From Crows Crows Crows comes this free to play Stanley Parable-esque short puzzle game

Lets Play Alpha – NSFW – Not a Simulation For Working

Join Kitty as she watches porn in the office!
Elder Scrolls Legendsvideo

The Elder Scrolls – Legends Open Beta

The first 25 minutes of The Elder Scrolls - Legends Open Beta