Let's Plays

Sit with us as we play through a game with you and chat to you as if you were really there.


Let’s Play – MISSING: An interactive thriller

Susan tries to help a kidnapped man escape the room.

Let’s Play Elite Dangerous: Arena | Ice Field Team Deathmatch

Susan has another go on Elite Dangerous: Arena, in an ice field littered with debris.

Let’s Play Elite Dangerous: Arena | Elevate Team Deathmatch

In Arena, you take control of a spaceship to fight with the galaxy's best pilots. Susan isn't one of them.
Pavos Nocturnusvideo

Lets Play Alpha – Pavos Nocturnus

Join Kitty as she plays short but creepy web based game Pavos Nocturnus.
Elite Dangerous Planetvideo

Elite Dangerous: Horizons – Landing on a Planet

Susan tries to complete a space trucking mission by landing on a planet.

Let’s Play Long Live the Queen Part 3

Our princess is shockingly stupid even after all of that education.

Let’s Play Long Live the Queen Part 2

Susan and Verity's crown princess could die at any moment.

Let’s Play Long Live the Queen Part 1

Verity and Susan decide to try their hand at guiding a young princess towards her coronation.
Pictures of a Reasonably Documented Yearvideo

Let’s Play Alpha – POARDY

Watch as Kitty plays as a big dirty stalker looking through someone's unguarded computer.

Let’s Play FTL: Part 3

Will Susan snatch victory from the jaws of defeat? Will we ever get over the death of Magmar? Is it really on Easy? Find out in the final chapter of our epic space saga.
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