Sunday, April 23, 2017
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Video reviews and commentary. Very much like a written article but, by Jove, it MOVES!

Life is Strangevideo

Life is Strange

Susan and Verity have a long-overdue talk about Life is Strange.

Spoiler-Free Mini-Cast – Undertale

In this video "mini-cast", Scott, Kitty and Susan attempt to sell you on Undertale - without spoiling anything!

Game Buffs Episode 4: The Beginner’s Guide

James and Dean try to wrap their heads around Davey Wreden's head when they play The Beginner's Guide.

Dragon Age: Origins Commentary – Redcliffe Village

Welcome to Redcliffe. Don't mind the zombies.

Four Minute Thoughts – Star Wars: Battlefront Beta

Ahead of its imminent European launch, Scott shares his Four Minute Thoughts on the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta.

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