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Elder Scrolls Legendsvideo

The Elder Scrolls – Legends Open Beta

The first 25 minutes of The Elder Scrolls - Legends Open Beta

Casual Friday – Girly Gauntlet Time with Susan, Verity and Fran

Susan, Verity and Fran go deep into the depths of the dungeons for that sweet, sweet loot.

Dawn of Titans

Fran takes Susan through the basics of Dawn of Titans.

ALL THE REVAMPING – Stardew Valley with Kitty and Susan

Join Kitty for an extensive tour of her farm as she plans a total revamp!

Dragon Age: Origins Commentary – Redcliffe Village

Welcome to Redcliffe. Don't mind the zombies.

Let’s Play Elite Dangerous: Arena | Ice Field Team Deathmatch

Susan has another go on Elite Dangerous: Arena, in an ice field littered with debris.
Yonder- The Cloud Catcher Chroniclesvideo

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Verity takes a first look at Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles and meets a Groffle.

Casual Friday – Join Us for Quiplash! With Scott, Susan and...

Scott, Susan and Verity go head-to-head with our Twitch viewers in several rounds of Quiplash, part of the Jackbox Party Pack 2! Susan tries...

Game Buffs Episode 4: The Beginner’s Guide

James and Dean try to wrap their heads around Davey Wreden's head when they play The Beginner's Guide.

Cheeky little Rascals – Loot Rascals and Stardew Valley with Kitty...

Kitty attempts to set more world records in Loot Rascals... if she can stop playing Stardew Valley!