Thursday, August 24, 2017


Gameplay, Let’s Plays and Twitch Replays. All the plays!

Dead Effect 2 VR Review

Dead Effect 2 VR Shootervideo
Susan put on her VR headset and her brown trousers to shoot some space zombies in Dead Effect 2 VR by Badfly Interactive.

Spacetours VR Episode 1 Review

Spacetours VRvideo
Join Kitty in space as she takes a trip through the solar system with Spacetours VR, by Vibrant Visuals.

Darknet VR Review

Darknet VRvideo
Susan dove deep into the web to review Darknet, a puzzle game in VR by E McNeill.

Pressure Overdrive Review

Pressure Overdrivevideo
Stewart takes a look at Pressure Overdrive, a twin stick shooter and driving game by Chasing Carrots. 

Sky Knights Review

Sky Knightsvideo
Join Kitty and Susan as they enter the danger zone in Sky Knights by Hampus Bankler.

Pharmakon Review

Don't let the graphics fool you - Stewart highly recommends Pharmakon by Visumeca.

You Can Never Go Back Episode #1 – The Hobbit (1982)

Bag End from The Hobbitvideo
Verity helps Susan pull on Bilbo's furry feet and go on a nostalgic adventure.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder- The Cloud Catcher Chroniclesvideo
Verity takes a first look at Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles and meets a Groffle.

E3 Roundup: EA PLAY

EA Play E3 2017video
Stewart, Kieran and Cameron talk about the spectacle that was EA Play at E3 2017.

ALL THE REVAMPING – Stardew Valley with Kitty and Susan

Join Kitty for an extensive tour of her farm as she plans a total revamp!

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