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  • Genre/Divergence – Turn-based tactics

    Genre/Divergence is a new series of features that dive into niche genres of gaming, exploring their history, impact on the industry and current standing. At their core is the topic of theme and variation. What defines the genre in its simplest terms, and how games have built upon and modified the central idea. Without further…

  • Unsung Story

    Dean discovers the team behind new tactical RPG Unsung Story is shaping up to be a super group.

  • Unsung Story Kickstarter Reveals “Spiritual Successor” to Final Fantasy Tactics

    The title, a proposed collaboration between Yasumi Matsuno (the mastermind behind Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story) and┬ádeveloper Playdek, promises the same sort of “complex and rich game worlds” and “inspiring class based tactics game play” as their past projects. Target platforms for the project currently include PC, Mac, iOS and Android. In an interesting…