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  • Super Smash Bros. 3DS: Demo Preview

    With just one week until its 3DS debut, Scott examines the demo for the newest Super Smash Bros. entry!

  • Zelda Joins New Smash Bros. Roster

    A batch of screenshots released today on the official Super Smash Bros. website show that Princess Zelda is due to return in the next Super Smash Bros. for both Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. Once again, it appears that this version of Zelda is loosely-based on her appearance in GameCube/Wii title Twilight Princess. We haven’t…

  • Nintendo Announces New 3DS Link to the Past Game

    At the conclusion to today’s Nintendo Direct live video feed, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Amie revealed the new game in the Zelda series, which sports 3D graphics from a traditional birds-eye perspective.┬áThere is currently no confirmed title for the adventure, though it will be released “this holiday season” on Nintendo 3DS. Reggie Fils-Amie said:…