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  • Only Amiga Makes it Possible: The 30th Anniversary

    Only Amiga Makes it Possible: The 30th Anniversary

    In his homage to the Amiga, Scott explores its history, its games and how to set up your own.

  • Light: Q&A with Just a Pixel

    At EGX Rezzed, I met up with Danny Goodayle and Roberta Saliani from Just a Pixel, the team working on Light, a Team17-backed stealth game exuding a very unique sense of style. Ready Up: What is Light? Danny Goodayle: Light is a minimalist 2D stealth game made in Unity. Basically you’re playing a person who’s…

  • Worms Clan Wars

    There’s nothing quite like that arching bazooka shot across the map. That giddy feeling present in the original Worms still remains in the latest outing from Team17, Worms Clan Wars. The campaign introduces you very gently to the concepts of the game, which will be great for newcomers The fundamental gameplay of worms, if you’re…