Tag: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

  • Re-View: Earthbound

    A gem of video-game fantasy, right down to the barf monsters and police brutality.

  • Final Fantasy VI Port Now Available on Android

    Following an announcement late last year, the legendary Super Nintendo RPG, originally localised in several western territories as Final Fantasy III, is now available on Android devices running version 3.2 (“Honeycomb”) or higher. In a series that often evokes wildly-differing opinions from its fans, Final Fantasy VI is generally considered a high-point (with our own…

  • Killer Instinct Classic to be Bundled with New Killer Instinct’s ‘Ultra Edition’

    Regarding the availability of the new release, Torin Retting said: “Killer Instinct Classic is a complete port of the original Killer Instinct arcade game, and you can ONLY get it with the Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct.” The port will be available in two variants: one based on the original 1.4 Arcade ROMs, and another modeled after…