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  • Only Amiga Makes it Possible: The 30th Anniversary

    Only Amiga Makes it Possible: The 30th Anniversary

    In his homage to the Amiga, Scott explores its history, its games and how to set up your own.

  • GTA V crashes older Xbox 360 consoles

    Owners of older Xbox 360 consoles – manufactured between 2006 and 2008 – claim that Rockstar’s GTA V game doesn’t run quite as smoothly as it does on newer models of the machine.¬†Though it isn’t clear what’s the cause behind the issue experienced by these players, the problem seems to start at the beginning of…

  • GTA 5 gets a brand new trailer

    Let’s call it a three in one, as this new GTA V trailer is split into three sections with one reserved for each of the game’s protagonists. The trailer paints Michael and Franklin as rich and unhappy and poor and unhappy respectively, and while this obviously makes for a solid dynamic I’m not so sure…

  • Rockstar Games Release Fresh GTA V Screenshots

    The images were posted by Rockstar in a blog entry titled “Sunsets, Seas, Skies, and So On…” earlier today. They highlight the stunning vistas and exciting nightlife of GTA V, the much-anticipated follow-up to Rockstar North’s award-winning Grand Theft Auto IV, which was released all the way back in Spring 2008. There has been some…