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  • Starcraft 2

    Starcraft 2

    6 years on and with a fresh pair of eyes does Starcraft 2 still hold up?

  • WARGAME Prepares to Deploy to the Asian Front

    PC gamers are no strangers to the real time strategy genre, a genre which itself is no stranger to fantastic games. WARGAME is a series that is often lauded as one of the better modern warfare set titles, which means the announcement of a third title should be something to be interested in. Finally mobilising…

  • Pipe Dreams – Command & Conquer 5

    I miss the days when Starcraft II wasn’t the biggest AAA real time strategy game. I love Starcraft II, it’s a superb game which steals many of my hours in both play time and Youtube videos weekly, but I am still in love with the Command & Conquer franchise and wish more for it. My…

  • Pipe Dreams – E3 2012 Edition

    It’s that glorious time of year where E3 is nearly upon us again. Which leaves people, like me, wondering just what glorious treasures are soon to be unearthed and presented to us. Luckily for me I don’t need to wait, because this is Pipe Dreams and I do not work here on rumours or leaks,…