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  • Pixelhunter – Year Walk & The Silent Age

    Pixelhunter takes a look at two wonderful iPad games that use the device to its fullest

  • Pixelhunter – Witness the Fitness

    Could Jonathan Blow’s approach to puzzles in The Witness be a breath of fresh air for the adventure genre?

  • Pixelhunter – Five Point and Clicks that aren’t Point and Clicks

    Pixelhunter takes a look at some Point and Click adventures with an identity crisis.

  • Pixelhunter – Wadjet Eye Games profile

    Wadjet Eye Games is one of the most creative indie studios in the adventure genre. Here’s why you should be excited.

  • Pixelhunter – Kentucky Route Zero

    Kentucky Route Zero is ‘a magical realist adventure game’ by Jake Elliot and Tamas Kemenczy of Cardboard Computer, an independent game development outfit geared toward exploring non-violent, storytelling capabilities of games. Kind of part way between Twin Peaks and a Haruki Murakami short story, the game is a gorgeous aesthetic and narrative experiment that will…

  • Pixelhunter – A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved

    Or so the saying goes. Although in point and click adventures this doesn’t always ring true, with a second protagonist often resulting in double the interaction with the world to find the solution to puzzles. Still, having the ability to switch to a fresh set of eyes often gives a game a much needed dose…

  • Pixelhunter – Gabriel Knight

    Get anyone over a certain age started on Point and Click Adventures and they are sure to wax lyrical about one of two series: Monkey Island and Broken Sword. These two undeniable classics have both spawned several sequels, and whilst latter entries floundered due to an ill advised attempt to cross over into 3D presentation,…

  • Pixelhunter – Dreamfall Chapters

    In my last blog I listed April Ryan of The Longest Story as a key female character in the point and click genre, and it’s good to know that her story is now set to continue. The enigmatically titled Dreamfall Chapters was announced at the start of this month and is already riding high on…

  • Pixelhunter – One For The Ladies

    As gaming has grown as an industry and sought to appeal to an ever widening demographic, it has attempted to move away from its somewhat adolescent roots. The way the medium depicts women is a key factor of this development. The transition of Lara Croft’s character over the years is a prime example; fluctuating from…

  • Pixelhunter – Yesterday

    Having recently bemoaned the lack of decent horror point and click adventures, it was with great interest that I started to play Yesterday. Famous for their quirky, cartoony Runaway series, this is not a game you would expect from Spanish developers Pendulo Studios, but it clearly demonstrates that they are looking to stretch themselves creatively.…