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  • Develop 2015: The State of Narrative

    In part three of our round up of issues at Develop 2015 we look at the state of narrative.

  • Bit Socket – DmC Devil May Cry Review

    DmC Devil May Cry, Ninja Theory’s divisive take on one of Capcom’s biggest series, is here. Scott’s on reviewing duties this week, and he bloody loved it. Watch the video to see why this game is something special; why fans of the series should put aside any apprehension about Dante’s new style, and enjoy one…

  • Pipe Dreams – Enslaved II

    From the very beginning of this series, when I wrote the first five Pipe Dreams topics, I knew that this had to be done. Due to E3 and GAME related happenings it just took a bit longer than expected to finally vent. However, delays aside I think we can all agree that Enslaved II has…