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  • Bit Socket JRPG Month – Tales of Xillia Review

    Scott ends JRPG Month with a review of Tales of Xillia!

  • Pipe Dreams – Enslaved II

    From the very beginning of this series, when I wrote the first five Pipe Dreams topics, I knew that this had to be done. Due to E3 and GAME related happenings it just took a bit longer than expected to finally vent. However, delays aside I think we can all agree that Enslaved II has…

  • AOU 2012

    AOU is the yearly bash held just outside of Tokyo for arcade operators and arcade enthusiasts alike. The show fails to get much, if any, coverage in the West outside of details on new upgrades to already existing fighting games. In the UK we usually think of arcade machines as being cabinets housing videogames. However,…