Tag: indie

  • Don’t Starve

    Will you survive the night or be eaten by a grue in this Gothic indie survival game?

  • Light: Q&A with Just a Pixel

    At EGX Rezzed, I met up with Danny Goodayle and Roberta Saliani from Just a Pixel, the team working on Light, a Team17-backed stealth game exuding a very unique sense of style. Ready Up: What is Light? Danny Goodayle: Light is a minimalist 2D stealth game made in Unity. Basically you’re playing a person who’s…

  • The Local Renaissance

    Do you think you need a console for classic, local multiplayer action? Think again!

  • FOTONICA: A Wireframe Frontier

    I remember the first time I saw Elite. The wireframe, black and white graphics evoking the loneliness of space, while the staggering size of the game’s world lent to the sense of freedom and terror. Those early experiences and thoughts mean that the stripped-back look of Elite and other games retains a certain level of…

  • Banishing Expectations

    Thom gets his teeth into cannibalism.

  • Nidhogg: Blood Brothers

    Adam gets a chance to experience the joy of fighting on the couch once more.

  • DayZ Alpha Sells 700,000+ Copies in December

    Although the Christmas Day update on the official DayZ development blog only cites 400,000 sales, these represent the first week on Steam alone. Recent survivor statistics on dayzgame.com reveal that the game has sold over 700,000 copies, priced at £20 each. By my calculations (and admittedly, I have the poorest maths skills of any computer…

  • Fencing Title Nidhogg Dated for January

    The uniquely-titled Nidhogg (a reference to the dragon of Norse mythology) is a multiplayer dueling experience from designer Mark “Messof” Essen. With its unique design aesthetic and brutal combat, it has made a big impression at indie trade shows over the last three years, winning a number of accolades, including the Independent Game Festival’s Grand Prize.…

  • Welcome to the New Wave

    While franchises dominate sales charts, videogames have never been more diverse. According to Giles, the best is yet to come.

  • Nicoll Hunt on Fist of Awesome

    It’s a warm, grey, muggy August day as I enter a pub in Soho, London. I’m here today to talk to Nicoll Hunt about his forthcoming game, FIST OF AWESOME, and to find out whether its alluring blend of old school sensibilities and a thoroughly modern streak of sublimely silly self-knowing wit can justify its…