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  • The work of David Cage

    The work of David Cage

    “Judge me by my work”. The unfortunate words of David Cage when the allegations of rather abhorrent workplace culture over at Quantic Dream came to light a couple of months back. Having played all of Quantic Dream’s work (with the exception of their first title, Omikron) I feel I’m in a near perfect position to…

  • Bad Games that I “Like”

    Bad Games that I “Like”

    Cameron tries his best to justify liking some pretty bad games.

  • Games of the Generation – Part 3: The Heartfelt

    No longer satisfied with the usual pretexts of captured princesses and alien invasions, as videogames matured they attempted to tell bolder stories and give players greater motivation and emotional investment in the gameplay. Over the last few years certain works have emerged to challenge the popular notion that games are mindless entertainment, standing up to…

  • We Play Games – Games of the Generation

    With the new generation of consoles looming, Zoey asks some of the team which games were the highlights of this generation for them.

  • Pixelhunter – Five Point and Clicks that aren’t Point and Clicks

    Pixelhunter takes a look at some Point and Click adventures with an identity crisis.

  • Pixelhunter – A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved

    Or so the saying goes. Although in point and click adventures this doesn’t always ring true, with a second protagonist often resulting in double the interaction with the world to find the solution to puzzles. Still, having the ability to switch to a fresh set of eyes often gives a game a much needed dose…

  • What does this button do?

    I love playing computer games where I have to make quick, split second decisions by pressing the correct selected button. It makes me feel more involved in the game and helps my reactions to become quicker. It’s more fun when you have to button mash in time to save your character, defeat a foe or…

  • Pain

    Pain is a sensation that you’ll always be exposed to. It’s constantly stalking you, whether you know it or not. It can hit you suddenly and take you by surprise and can disappear as quickly as it appeared or stay with you long afterwards, watching, waiting. Physical; emotional; spiritual; psychological; it doesn’t matter. It’s with…