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  • Only Amiga Makes it Possible: The 30th Anniversary

    Only Amiga Makes it Possible: The 30th Anniversary

    In his homage to the Amiga, Scott explores its history, its games and how to set up your own.

  • 23-Old British Studio Blitz Games Closes its Doors

    Founded by the legendary Oliver Twins, the studio was today forced to wind-down operations after more than 23 years in the British games industry. If you’re not familiar with Blitz Games Studios’ recent output, you might instead recognise their Dizzy game series. A popular mascot in the 1980’s, he starred in a number of tough-as-nails…

  • Make n’ Share

    The theory of Web 2.0 is quite liberating. It encourages everyone to get involved and shape the digital landscape through their own customised personal space and user-generated content. However, sift through sites like Youtube and you will find that many users have used this creative freedom to muck about and make mind-numbing video fads about…