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  • A Dark Knight for Narrative

    A Dark Knight for Narrative

    James doesn’t feel need to spoil the end of Batman: Arkham Knight. He reckons Rocksteady have already done that all by themselves.

  • Christmas Comes Early in Arkham Origins Launch Trailer

    Warner Bros. have today released the launch trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins. The third in the Arkham Trilogy, though the first not to have Rocksteady at the developers helm, Origins looks to continue the counter-heavy combat of the series. The sheer number of villains in this game all vying to kill a freshly cowled Batman…

  • Deadpool

    Deadpool is a videogame adaptation of the popular Marvel comic series of the same name. Development reins have been been handed to High Moon Studios, whose most recent projects have been the Transformers games, including Fall of Cybertron. They also developed 2008’s The Bourne Conspiracy. Deadpool takes the form of an action game that blends…