I hope, and I pray, that I don’t have to explain in detail what the game Plants Vs. Zombies actually consists of. Not only is the title of the game quite self-explanatory, but I’m pretty certain everybody and their grandmother’s neighbour’s dog’s puppies have played this game by this point. However, as the Game of the Year Edition has shown up on my doorstep in a nice, physical Popcap box I guess I should very quickly break the game elements down: you control the plants, you’re against the zombie, and it’s the most addictive ‘casual’ strategy game currently in existence.

Since the game’s trailer was released in 2009 I have loved this game. I loved this game before I’d even played it based on premise alone. Now though, the Game of the Year Edition has brought the game to our palms in beautiful physical form with even more added content. Well, some new content anyway. The big two additions are that there are more achievements in the game (score-whores rejoice!) and there’s now also a ‘Zombatar’ mode available. Panic not, it’s not another three hour snore-fest from James Cameron featuring the undead, it’s actually just a customising mode where you can create your own zombie to use in the game! There were some similar options before now included in the game, such as being able to add sunglasses and moustaches onto the current zombies, but it was never this advanced as far as customisation goes.

The Game of the Year Edition also contains all of the updates which have been added since the original release (which, if you’ve already bought should already have been added to your current version for free!) as well as the one big edit… No Michael Jackson zombie! Yes, I understand the rather ironic taboo of having a celebrity who’s famous for dancing as a zombie actually dying and remaining in the game, but I remember laughing my ass off the first time I saw it and it’s sad to think other gamers won’t get that enjoyment. Still, I guess you could always use the Zombatar mode to try and create a near enough likeness of the man… just as a suggestion….

I really don’t know what else I can add to this review. It’s the same brilliant game with the added content and the ability to hold in in front of you and hug it. Thank you, Popcap, for making this game, please God make another one soon, and I can assure you that if you’ve played every other Popcap game other than this one that you will waste just as many hours of your office time on this as you have on the others. Here’s a related fact to end this review on: I have spent the entire time while writing this review listening to this video on an endless loop. I’m still not sick of it in any way.


It's the good ol' Plants Vs. Zombies game that we've all come to love and get addicted to. The only real differences are that there are 20 new achievements to try and work your way through, as well as a 'Zombatar' mode which means you can create or your own unique, fascinating and likely copyright-infringing zombies. If you've never played Plants Vs. Zombies before then: A) What's wrong with you?! And B) Buy this edition and help bring back the Michael Jackson zombie using the Zombatar mode!

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