The upside-down – Youropa review

Puzzle game Youropa encourages you to think using suction cups.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Review

Adam dons his cape as Captain Spirit in this free prequel to Life is Strange 2.

Onrush – Review

Can Codemasters' new racer torque the torque?

Don’t bury the lede while burying the lead – Riddled Corpses...

Dig through the terrible start and you'll find a great gem.

Off the wall – Mirror Drop review

This perspective-bending puzzle game goes out of its way to disorient you – but there's so much more going on beneath its shiny surface.

Hip to be square – Pokemon Quest Review

Adam takes a deep dive on Nintendo's latest Pokemon offering for Nintendo Switch. And it's FREE.


Reigns: Her Majesty, Coming Later This Year

Reigns: Her Majesty, the sequel to everyone's favourite iron throne simulator, Reigns, is coming later this year.

Upcoming VR game Ganbatte brings you sushi-eating cats in space

Game in development by Mimicry Studios doesn't look fishy at all!

Highly Anticipated 2017 Game Releases (The Best is Yet to Come...

Kitty gets hyped about all the great games still yet to come this year!

5 Things to Look Forward to in Life is Strange: Before...

Susan looks at what we can expect in the Life is Strange prequel.

Hacking Adventure Code 7 Due for Release on August 11

Episode 1 of Code 7, a hacking-based text adventure is due for release later this month and Susan is excited!
West of Loathing - Cowboy Gamers

West of Loathing Comes to Steam

West of Loathing, the rootin'-tootin' cowboy brother of the cult browser game is coming to Steam this August.

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