Yakuza 0's Kiryu Kazuma

From melee to Mahjong – Yakuza 0 review

Sega's legendary open-world brawler/second life sim series finally makes it to PC.

Extinct – Tiny Hands Adventure Review

'Good' seems a bit out of reach for this game.

Papers Please but less good – Out Of The Box Review

Stewart takes a look at Out of the Box and wishes it would get back in there.
Graveyard Keeper - Lazy Bear Games

It’s a graveyard smash – Graveyard Keeper review

Verity creeps it up with the Keepers in this medieval graveyard management sim. Get dug in!

Mario Tennis Aces review

Super Smash Brothers?

History Lesson – 1979 Revolution: Black Friday

Your choices matter in this story-driven adventure set during the Iranian revolution.


Destiny 2 – A PC Beta Experience

The Destiny 2 beta hints at better things to come.
Sunless Skies

Sunless Skies Rockets into Early Access

Sunless Skies leaves Kickstarter for Early Access this September

Reigns: Her Majesty, Coming Later This Year

Reigns: Her Majesty, the sequel to everyone's favourite iron throne simulator, Reigns, is coming later this year.

Upcoming VR game Ganbatte brings you sushi-eating cats in space

Game in development by Mimicry Studios doesn't look fishy at all!

Highly Anticipated 2017 Game Releases (The Best is Yet to Come...

Kitty gets hyped about all the great games still yet to come this year!

5 Things to Look Forward to in Life is Strange: Before...

Susan looks at what we can expect in the Life is Strange prequel.

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