The Ready Up Podcast

All the series of the glorious Ready Up Podcast here, for your aural enjoyment. Hosted by Susan and Dean.

Ready Up Podcast bonus episode – E3 predictions

The team looks at their personal highlights and predictions for the upcoming Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) this year.

The Ready Up Podcast S06E06 – Knitting With Frankenstein

We welcome Vincent DeSilva, Dutch game designer extraordinaire and developer of Woven.

Ready Up Podcast S08E01 – Polyarmorous Things with Tanya X Short

Susan and Verity chat to Tanya X Short from Kitfox Games, developers of the upcoming game Boyfriend Dungeon.
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

Podcast – S05 E19 – I Can See Your Spatula

We welcome special guest Catherine Woolley, Senior Designer at The Chinese Room.

The Ready Up Podcast – Season 5 Episode 8 – BelovEd Galactic Intern

We're off to space with Ed Lewis, Elite's Galactic Intern.

The Ready Up Podcast S06E15 – Sweet Little Lies

Leon Cox of Cane and Rinse takes time from his busy videogame schedule to... talk about video games some more!

The Ready Up Podcast S06E20 – Chuck E Cheese

Susan, Dean and guest Verity take a dive into their gaming pasts.
EGX Rezzed

The Ready Up Podcast – Series 5 Episode 13 – EGX Rezzed

Susan, Dean, Verity and special guest Rob quested through EGX Rezzed 2016.

Ready Up Podcast S07E05 – Two Degrees

Susan and Fran chat to comic book and video games writer Antony Johnston.

The Ready Up Podcast – Season 5 Episode 10 – It’s Not Exactly Rocket...

It's the podcast with two timelines! We're joined by Giles Armstrong, Lead Writer on The Descendant and Ready Up alumni.
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