The Ready Up Podcast

All the series of the glorious Ready Up Podcast here, for your aural enjoyment. Hosted by Susan and Dean.

Ready Up Podcast S07E06 – Good, Clean Fun

We chat to Ready Up's most wholesome team member, Kieran.

Ready Up Podcast S07E05 – Two Degrees

Susan and Fran chat to comic book and video games writer Antony Johnston.

Ready Up Podcast S07E04 – High Flyer

Susan and Kitty chat to Hampus Bankler, solo indie developer of fighter jet multiplayer game Sky Knights.

Ready Up Podcast S07E03 – Wilde Child

Stephen Downey of Outsider Games returns to talk about their new point-and-click adventure, Jennifer Wilde.

Ready Up Podcast S07E02 – Gulliver’s Travels

We chat to team member Adam Gulliver about the games at EGX, and more.

Ready Up Podcast S07E01 – Shotguns at the Door

Susan, Dean and guest team member Scott Cameron talk about PUBG and more.

The Ready Up Podcast S06E20 – Chuck E Cheese

Susan, Dean and guest Verity take a dive into their gaming pasts.

The Ready Up Podcast S06E19 – The Concrete Streets of Yharnam

We welcome our very own genetically modified team member, Stewart Griffin

The Ready Up Podcast S06E18 – Lapsed Gamers

Susan and guest host Scott welcome fellow podcasters Stuart Neill and Ali Cornwall from Lapsed Gamer Radio.

The Ready Up Podcast S06E17 – E3 Pirate Youtubers

In this bonus episode Dean and Susan introduce members of the team discussing the 5 major E3 press conferences in depth.