You really think Sony would do that? Release a video teasing about the PS4 the day before Microsoft's next Xbox reveal?

Sony have released a teaser trailer, revealing that the PlayStation 4 console design will be shown at Sony’s press conference at E3 on June 10th.

The trailer itself shows a barely discernible series of flashing images, which are presumably of the soon-to-be revealed console itself, presented by the black monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

This trailer release comes a mere 24 or so hours before Microsoft is set to reveal their next Xbox console to the world. A potentially smart move by Sony.

The PlayStation 4’s console design will be reveal at E3, on June 10th, at 18:00 PDT. That, for our British readers, is 02:00 in the morning on June 11th for us.

The official PlayStation 4 teaser/reveal/teaser-reveal trailer in all its flashing glory can be seen below.

YouTube Preview Image