The Civilization developer's new turn-based strategy game will arrive on iOS on Tuesday 9th of May, joining Firaxis' Haunted Hollow, released today.

The new title, set during World War 1, allows players to build up a squad of ace fighter-pilots and engage in aerial battles. The game will feature 30 WW1-era aircraft and more than 120 missions to blast through.

The initial download for Ace Patrol will include the British campaigns and Game Center-enabled multiplayer for free, though in-app purchases will be required to obtain the other campaigns. As expected for a free-to-play title, additional boosts can be purchased with real coin, though most of these – like new paint jobs for your aircraft – are thankfully cosmetic.

In recent years, Sid Meier has taken on a more advisory role for projects at XCOM-developer Firaxis, though Publisher 2K said the strategy game master “conceived, designed and programmed Ace Patrol”.

Coincidentally, a new game from Firaxis, Haunted Hollow, is also out today on iOS and free with in-app purchases. Ace Patrol is expected to join it next week on the same platform. No PC or Android release has been announced for either game.