Ubisoft wants to show you exactly where to put your fingers to make some music

Plastic instruments were all well and good back in the day, but some people wanted a bit more realism to their rhythm music games. This is where Rocksmith came in, allowing anybody with a guitar, or even a bass for those so inclined, to plug in to a USB slot and become a real guitar hero.

After the tuning, pickup difficulties and having to actually learn to play a guitar of course. For some people the learning was the hardest part, and despite Rocksmith’s dynamic difficulty system and lessons some people just couldn’t breach that obstacle. Enter Rocksmith 2014 edition with a whole new learning system. The dynamic difficulty has been tweaked, and the lessons have been expanded, with new features that let people learn specific songs and section, or have certain lessons recommended to help them with their own personal low points. If it works as advertised it should be a great way to learn guitar.

Personally, I loved the original Rocksmith. It was a cheap way to own a lot of effects pedals. Couple the range of options available with amps and pedals etc with a decent surround sound system and you could very effectively annoy the neighbours. 2014’s new features in this department are also exciting, especially the virtual band in session mode. Here’s hoping the solid seven can get turned up to eleven.

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