ATLUS have confirmed Persona 4 Arena will finally be released in UK and Europe this year

After nearly nine months of waiting since the North American launch, Persona 4 Arena is finally coming to the UK, and the rest of Europe, on May 10th 2013.

Persona 4 Arena will feature 13 playable characters on release, each with their own story campaign, and boasts to have over 30+ hours of story mode gameplay which will continue from the events of its predecessor – Persona 4 Golden:

Persona 4 Arena tells the story that follows on from the critically acclaimed Persona 4 Golden, and is itself the winner of numerous awards, including Fighting Game of the Year 2012. Persona 4 Arena is a collaborative effort between two genre masters – Arc System Works and ATLUS, bringing together their individual expertise in stunning, high definition 2D artwork and exemplary storytelling.

That isn’t all though, because pre-orders of Persona 4 Arena will also come with exclusive ‘limited edition’ content for the game:

Pre-order customers for Persona 4 Arena will receive an exclusive Limited Edition bonus content pack, including the Official Arranged Soundtrack with exclusive artwork and Digital Fan Pack. These will be strictly limited to pre-ordering customers.

Persona 4 Arena will be released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, in UK and Europe, on May 10th.

Persona 4 Arena Limited Edition Content