Indie dev Nicholas Lister desires your help in beta testing his upcoming memory puzzler Imp Paired.

Imp paired is a puzzle game based around memory that’s set to release on iOS this Spring/Summer and the game’s developer, Nicholas Lister, is enlisting the hep of the average gamer to help test the game in its various stages and builds.

Call it the evil doppelganger of the memory game Pairs, Imp Paired tasks you with preventing a board from filling up rather than starting with a full board and clearing it.  Presented as a package sorting line players must match up the patterns on the undersides of packages in order to clear them from the board.

As the player desperately tries to prevent the board from filling they’re accosted by two imp characters who bellow a mixture of encouragement and abuse, but as the player progresses the nature of the Imps apparently changes.

If you’re interested in helping beta test Imp Paired you need only head over to this page and follow the instructions to get yourself signed up.  Obviously you’ll need an iOS device such as an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and you’ll be expected to take part in a short questionnaire that will accompany each beta build.

Happy testing, folks!