To celebrate the release of Harvest Moon: A New Beginning on the Nintendo 3DS, publisher MAQL Europe is teaming up with Hama beads to release a cute bead set.

The pre-order package, currently exclusive to retail outlet GAME, will include a bead set that will allow fans to re-create two of the main characters featured throughout the series: the iconic “Boy” and the “Cow”, styled after their classic sprites.

The Harvest Moon series has become a cult-favourite in recent years, with critics prasing its relaxing and addictive gameplay. The original game, released way back in 1996 on the SNES, finally made it to European territories when it arrived on the Wii U Virtual Console earlier this month.

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning will be released in Europe on 13th September for Nintendo 3DS. You can pre-order the Hama Bead Edition from GAME here.

Harvest Moon Hama Pre-Order