Includes your very own race car!

Special editions normally contain figurines, art books and all sorts of other neat stuff, costing a bit more than the standard editions.
At £125,000, the GRID 2: Mono Edition has set a new Guinness World Records title for the “Most Expensive Video Game Commercially Available – Special Edition”. The game’s record-breaking achievement has been shortlisted for entry into the next Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition too.

It includes:

– A copy of GRID 2 for PlayStation 3 featuring bespoke packaging artwork

– BAC Mono supercar in exclusive GRID 2 livery

– A day at the BAC factory, which includes a factory tour and time spent with technicians, to customise the BAC Mono for size and specifications

– A GRID 2: Mono Edition branded Bell Racing helmet

– Race suit, boots & gloves all made to measure in BAC Mono and GRID 2 branding

– Plus a PlayStation 3 to play the game on.

If you have that sort of cash to splurge then head here to preorder the Mono Edition. But you better hurry as this package is only available for one lucky person!

All other editions of Grid 2 are still available to pre-order ahead of the 31st May release.