Gaming fans of Warhammer everywhere will be glad to hear that Full Control have released the first screen shots of the upcoming turn-based strategy title, Space Hulk.

Based on the Warhammer 40k boardgame license, Space Hulk has a lot to live up to and chooses to buck the trend of recent licensed titles by adhering more closely to the premise of the boardgame itself with its turn-based nature.

I have little doubt even that small detail will have the potential audience for this re-imagining of the original 3DO Space Hulk, which married first-person shooting with turn-based strategy back in 1995, running for the tissues (tears of joy, mind out of the gutter).

So it’s even better that you get to see what the game is going to actually look like when it hits the market on the PC, Mac, and iOS devices.

Are you salivating wildly at the thought of being able to play Warhammer without having to spend an hour laying out your units?  Perhaps it’s just me…