Long has it been rumoured that the vastly popular Final Fantasy VII would be appearing on Steam, and all of a sudden here it is.

Apparently not wanting to make a fuss Final Fantasy 7 has snuck onto the PC gaming download buffet that is Steam without a word to anyone. Perhaps Valve and Square Enix have a terrible fear of making lots of money.

We, the wandering eye of Ready-Up, only found out when we booted up Steam this morning.

We then took a second to check it wasn’t the 1st of April (happy Independence Day, Americans) and marvel at the very idea that this was given zero publicity.



So there you have it, PC gaming Final Fantasy fans, you may now grace your computer with a copy of your favourite game from your favourite digital outlet for the price of £9.99.

I don’t think it supports Steamworks but it’s nice to have all your games in the one place.

Does this mean that the other rumours of Final Fantasy games coming to Steam are true? There are references to Final Fantasy 8 in the Steam registry after all.

Here’s hoping they have the intelligence to actually tell us next time.