It looks like gamers won't be left with no games to play on Sony's next gen console.

This week, Sony has revealed a lot of Playstation 4 related info at Gamescom, not only did they announce that the console will be released on 29th November in Europe, but they have also shared a list of 33 games (retail and downloadable titles) that will be available before 2014. The impressive launch lineup isn’t all that’s in store for Playstation 4 owners, plenty more games are in development, more than 180 in fact.

Those 180 or so titles are a mix of retail and downloadable only games, and some are apparently in the works at studios like Naughty Dog, Media Molecule and Sony Santa Monica, all three studios have produced outstanding Playstation exclusive games in the past.

It looks like the PS4 won’t only have the strongest launch lineup a Playstation console has ever had, it seems like many studios will be supporting the platform.

Playstation 4 launches 29th November at £349.