Thursday, March 23, 2017
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Cameron takes a look at the pretty but perfunctory indie game Bound
Assassins Creed Blag Flag

Backlog: Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

Adam's quest to conquer his games backlog continues with an adventure on the high seas.
No Man's Sky

My First 25 Hours With No Man’s Sky

Cameron spends some time with the game that’s destined to blow minds and break hearts


Cameron dives right into the beautiful underwater world of ABZÛ

Life on the Rim

Don't let the boomrats bite.


Cameron gushes over Playdead's latest game in a spoiler-free review of Inside.
Beyond Flesh and Blood

A Cheeky Look at Beyond Flesh and Blood

Fran travels t'up north, and into the future where it is actually 'grim'.

The Uncharted Trilogy

With A Thief's End almost here, Adam takes a look back at the PS3 trilogy.
Dark Soulsvideo

Dark Souls 3

Cameron reviews the newly released Dark Souls 3.

Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary is basically a 2D Dark Souls, but it's still great fun.

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