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Hyper Sentinel Review

Cameron reviews the spiritual successor to the Uridium series – Hyper Sentinel

Biological puzzle – Homo Machina review

An exploration through a Fritz Kahn inspired mechanical human body.
A flaming Victorian spaceship

Rocky landing – 39 Days to Mars review

This spacefaring co-op adventure is packed with charm and vintage character – but it's not an entirely smooth landing.

Knack: The Joke of PS4

Does Knack deserve its reputation? Adam takes a look back at the PS4 launch game.

Some RPG advice

Jay has some tips for aspiring DMs and tabletop RPG players.

Incoming – May 2018

  Here's the line up of new games headed your way in May (dates shown are for UK releases at the time of going to...

Get some gorgeous Ni No Kuni II art prints

Art dealers Cook & Becker partner with Bandai Namco to bring colour to your life.
World map

Deeper underground – Caves of Qud Early Access review

Colourful and strange, this sci-fi roguelike lets you carve a unique path through thousands of years of high-tech history.

Turmoil: The Heat is On Review

Verity tries her hand at drinking your milkshake in Turmoil, The Heat is On.

Steampunk Tower II Review: Time and (Steam) Pressure

An addictive mix of base building and tower defence, at a reasonable price.