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Develop 2015: The state of Virtual Reality

Continuing our series looking at the themes raised at Develop 2015. This time we look at the state of VR.

Develop 2015: The state of mobile

In this series of blogs we explore some issues raised at Develop 2015. First up: the state of mobile

Incoming – August 2015

James provides a quick check on the games coming out this August.

Vita Appreciation Society #3: Persona 4 Golden

This game is the reason Adam bought a Vita, and it's also the reason you should too.

The Ready Up Podcast – Season 4 Episode 21 – “Bat...

It's not all about Batman, there's also Paella, Rocket Cars and Her Story - and Shaun Davis!

Dragon Age: Origins Commentary – The Battle of Ostagar

We'll stop the Darkspawn at Ostagar, right?

Just A Thought: Celebrate Video Game Diversity

Sean Halliday spares a quick thought and celebrates the diversity of the modern video game market.

Why does the video games industry hate its consumers?

Sean Halliday ponders over why the video game industry treats its consumers so badly.

Bored? Game! Camel Up

It's a beautiful day at the camel races!

The Ready Up Podcast – Season 4 Episode 20 – “Too...

Sean Labode joins the team to talk about Shenmue, Arkham Knight, BloodBorne and Project Cars.