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E3 Reactions: Sony

The Ready Up crew react to THOSE announcements, and then discuss the nature of exclusivity!

E3 Reactions: EA

The Old Republic gets a kebab, yarn makes us cry and... sports. All the sports!

E3 Reactions: Microsoft

The team watched Microsoft's conference and had a few words to say about what was shown...

The Ready Up Podcast – Season 4 Episode 19 – “WE-3”

All about E3 this week. The team share their hopes and fears and chat about the new comings out of Vegas!

Splatoon Must Be Banned: We Must Save Our Kids From Corruption

Sean takes a look at why Splatoon must be banned for the greater good.

The Lure of Retro

Jason ponders why he's ignoring the backlog in favor of retro gaming

Roach Is A Total Ass!

Yes, I know it's a horse and not a donkey. I was just 'trying' to do comedy...

Gypsy Jim: E3 2015 Fortune Teller

James predicts the guaranteed big announcements at this year's E3. (This is not a guarantee.)

REarVIEW – Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

More than initially perceived, a sneak success with buckets of blood!

The Ready Up Podcast – Season 4 Episode 18 – “Defending...

Movies, mobile, endings and languages. The world of this weeks podcast is strange - Tony and Simon with guest James Gilmour