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Critical Role

The best places for tabletop RPG entertainment

If you struggle to find time to play D&D here are three shows that'll scratch that itch.
Death Stranding

How Important Is Gameplay In Video Game Trailers?

Has the increasing trend of not showing gameplay in trailers affected people's expectations? Sean takes a look.
Street Fighter V - Chun Li

Street Fighter V: The June(ish) Update

Adam goes back once again to check out Street Fighter V's new Story Mode.


Cameron gushes over Playdead's latest game in a spoiler-free review of Inside.
Monster Hunter

Incoming – July 2016

The summer's here. The sun is shining. What better time to lock yourself away in a darkened room and play some new games. July's releases are right here.

Defeated by Space Dragons

Auburn tries Deck building game, Galactic Strike force, for the first time. And an update on a previous review!
Project Scorpio

The uncertain and scary future of console gaming.

With the announcement of Project Scorpio Kieran is worried about what this means for the future of console gaming.
Rogue Warrior

Bad Games that I (questionable use of the word) “Like”

Cameron tries his best to justify liking some pretty bad games.

Pitching a Tetris Movie

They're making a Tetris movie apparently. So Adam has a few script ideas. All of them star Nicolas Cage.
Beyond Flesh and Blood

A Cheeky Look at Beyond Flesh and Blood

Fran travels t'up north, and into the future where it is actually 'grim'.

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