Thursday, May 25, 2017


Reviews, previews, our personal opinions of all things games. Whether they be digital, virtual or just good ol' card and board.

The Witches

Discworld Fix in Board Game Form

Get to know Discworld even better, with Terry Pratchett's The Witches Board Game!

Guitar Hero Live

Can Guitar Hero Live reinvent the rhythm genre as its predecessors did?

Rocksmith 2014

Shaun finds an educational video game that he just cant stop, he has to keep on rocking, someday gonna make it to the top (score)

Resident Evil: The Movie Saga

Nobody loves the Resident Evil movies. Apart from Adam. He loves them.
Dark Moon

Board? Game! – Dark Moon

For a short session of back stabbing, black looks and betrayal look no further than Dark Moon.

The Forgotten Gems of 2015

Adam takes a look at a few games from last year that he believes didn't quite get their due.
Multiplayer Controllers

Better Together – Online With Friends

Wherein Shaun finds out that the people usually trying to kill him are who he really needs
The Witness

Incoming – January 2016

A fresh new year of games. Will we witness any modern classics released in January 2016?

Risk: Can you claim the Iron Throne?

Auburn valiantly spent her Christmas trying to keep the Stark family members alive in this Game of Thrones version of a classic

Bored? Game! – Portal

Aperture Science accepts no responsibility for arguments or loss of life during this board game.

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