Thursday, March 23, 2017
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Rogue Warrior

Bad Games that I (questionable use of the word) “Like”

Cameron tries his best to justify liking some pretty bad games.

Pitching a Tetris Movie

They're making a Tetris movie apparently. So Adam has a few script ideas. All of them star Nicolas Cage.
Bioshock Inifinite

My favorite uses of licensed music in games

Kieran takes a look at why music is really important in games

My Thoughts on Doom

Cameron shares his thoughts on the newly released Doom game.

I drew u sum pics

Once a librarian asked Danny if he could detail a book he was meant to have read. He recited a poem instead.
Pokken Tournament

Where’s My Pokémon Epic?

Adam dreams of a huge open world Pokemon RPG for the NX.

Street Fighter V: Two Months Later

Adam checks back in and gives his verdict on the Street Fighter V March update.
Street Fighter V

How Not to Launch a Fighting Game

The launch of Street Fighter V didn't go as smoothly as Capcom would've liked, as Adam explains.

What I Want When I Ask for a Challenge

Cameron discusses his love for The Witness and Bloodborne.

Resident Evil: The Movie Saga

Nobody loves the Resident Evil movies. Apart from Adam. He loves them.

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