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The King of Fighters XIV Vs Street Fighter V

The King of Fighters series has returned, but how does it match up against Street Fighter V?
Castlevania on Netflix

Castlevania on Netflix: A Virgin’s View

Verity has never played Castlevania. So she binge watched the animated series instead.

Let’s talk about an N64 Classic

Let’s have a quick rundown and try and pick, say, 20 games that would make the N64 Classic.

Highscore Nemeses

Nowhere is the fight for perfection more keenly illustrated than in the quest for a highscore. The game in question is often entirely arbitrary,...
Madrid - Gran Via

Board Games in Madrid

I travelled to Madrid and took a look at their gaming world.

E3 and Me: The PC Perspective

At the outset of each E3 conference, every available live stream is being loaded up into individual tabs in my browser and assessed for...
Horizon Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds DLC

Where does Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds take place?

Where will the next chapter in Aloy's tale take us?

Noob vs Dark Souls III: A DLC to die for…

Susie noobs her way into the realms of Dark Souls III. Can it be done?
World map

Deeper underground – Caves of Qud Early Access review

Colourful and strange, this sci-fi roguelike lets you carve a unique path through thousands of years of high-tech history.

Kratos is an A**hole

Is Kratos the worst protagonist of all time? Adam certainly thinks so!
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