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Going loopy – Resynth review

Resynth livens up the Sokoban formula with a musical twist – but at its core, it's a deep and demanding puzzle game.

Now augmented, still bad – The Surge DLC review

Stewart finally gives up on The Surge...

Classic cardboard questing – Armello Review

Armello takes cues from classic board games as well as the Redwall series.

Rough edges – The Slater review

Kitty checks out indie stealth-adventure game The Slater.

On the road again – Life is Strange 2 Episode 1...

Adam hits the road with two teen runaways in the first episode of Life is Strange 2.

The Blackwell Derivative – Lamplight City review

Stewart really really tries to say something nice...

Incoming – October 2018

A big month for big games. Here's the release list.

The App-elation Trail: Dissembler

A colourful, mellow, mental workout.

Behind the veil – Seers Isle review

A cast of characters land on an island with a mystery to solve. Thankfully, it's not like Lost.

Tokyo Game Show indie Highlights

Kitty gives her indie highlights of Tokyo Game Show.
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