Friday, September 22, 2017
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Our longer opinion pieces and features, looking in-depth into a specific game, genre or the games industry itself.

EGX Previews: My first 15 Minutes with Horizon Zero Dawn

Verity gets 15 glorious minutes of hands-on goodness with Horizon Zero Dawn at EGX.

NOOB vs FPS: An intro to Overwatch

Ready Up's resident Noob, Susie Kelly, attempts to resolve a few aiming issues in Overwatch.

NOOB vs. MOBA: An Intro to Smite

Ever thought of playing Smite but were put off by the complexity and jargon? Let our resident NOOB show you the way.
Somerset House

Now Play This – Games for an Uncertain World

Dean reflects on the recent exhibition of experimental games at Somerset House
Amiga Workbench

Only Amiga Makes it Possible: The 30th Anniversary

In his homage to the Amiga, Scott explores its history, its games and how to set up your own.
Mighty Poo

The Rare Necessities

To celebrate the release of Rare Replay, Ready Up asked its team members to name their favourite Rare games.

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