Thursday, March 23, 2017


We delve a little deeper into games by talking to industry experts, attending some events and maybe even giving out the odd award.

NOOB vs FPS: An intro to Overwatch

Ready Up's resident Noob, Susie Kelly, attempts to resolve a few aiming issues in Overwatch.
E3 2016

The Ready Up Podcast – E3 2016

For this bonus episode, the team have a quick chat about E3 2016.
Expeditions Vikingsvideo

Interview with a Viking

Verity pillages some time from Logic Artists to discuss the next chapter in the Expeditions series.

NOOB vs. MOBA: An Intro to Smite

Ever thought of playing Smite but were put off by the complexity and jargon? Let our resident NOOB show you the way.
Scanner Sombre

Wonderfully Inhuman: Q&A with Introversion Software

Dean spoke to Prison Architect devs Introversion about the two prototypes they had on show at Rezzed.

The Ready Up Podcast – Series 5 Episode 13 – EGX Rezzed

Susan, Dean, Verity and special guest Rob quested through EGX Rezzed 2016.

The Ready Up Podcast – Series 5 Bonus Episode – Norwich Gaming Festival

Susan and Dean talk about the Norwich Gaming Festival in this special podcast bonus episode.

Ready Up Game Awards 2015

In a no expenses spared (literally, there were no expenses) award ceremony we announce our awards for 2015

Our Games of 2015

A bumper crop of Game of the Year selections, freshly picked and lovingly prepared by our team of writers for you to enjoy with your mince pies.

Spelling Bee: Q/A with Lightwood Games

Lightwood Games is an independent UK developer, focusing on word games, card games and puzzles.

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