We delve a little deeper into games by talking to industry experts, attending some events and maybe even giving out the odd award.

Looking back at the greatest Warhammer game ever

Stewart looks over the history of the Dawn of War franchise for the glory of the emprah!

My brief look at Gamescom 2018

Kitty shares her highlights of Gamescom 2018.

Star Trek Online: Q&A with Al Rivera, Lead Designer + Costume...

It's been nearly four years since Star Trek Online set out on its ongoing mission to the stars and so far, we've travelled back...

Rayman Legends

You know the Origins... now learn of the Legend. Rayman is back, again! As one of the few 90's platformers to survive the 3D...

NOOB vs Horror: Exploring the depths of Soma

/Crouch /Hide /Weep - our resident Noob explores the depths of Soma and bites off a little more than she can chew...

Best of 2017 (so far)

Kitty highlights some of the best games of 2017, so far.
Ready Up Game of the Year Awards

The Ready Up GOTY Awards 2017

Ready Up presents their awards for the Games of the Year 2017.

Why you should never tell the same joke twice – Devolver...

The flamethrower of E3 2018 Hot Takes.

NOOB vs FPS: An intro to Overwatch

Ready Up's resident Noob, Susie Kelly, attempts to resolve a few aiming issues in Overwatch.

Snag yourself a ton of Resident Evil 6 gear

Human beings still like free stuff right?  Okay, good.  Well thanks to Capcom UK  here's your chance to grab some of this fabled free...
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