Author: Tony

  • The Almighty (GTA) Dollar

    Tony talks about when capitalism collides with camaraderie in GTA Online.

  • Win a copy of the GTA V BradyGames Guide

    Grand Theft Auto V is big. Staggeringly big. Acres and acres of city and countryside, all teeming with life, and hundreds of hidden little secrets. In order for you to fully explore Los Santos and its surrounding countryside, you’re going to need a little more help than a $5 map of the city’s celebrity homes.…

  • Grand Theft Auto V

    When Ready Up reviewed Grand Theft Auto IV, all the way back in 2008, we did it as a two parter – with me highlighting the positives and Kirsten highlighting the negatives. As harsh as I felt she was at the time, I couldn’t really argue with her negative points, despite my deep love of…

  • Puppeteer

    In Puppeteer, you play Kutaro, a boy who has been turned into a puppet by the malicious Moon Bear King, the villain of this piece. Your puppet loses his head, and throughout the game he finds and wears loads of different objects in place of his head – submarines, bananas, octopuses, etc. He’s aided in…

  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist

    Blacklist is the latest in the Splinter Cell series, following on from Conviction, a game which divided audiences by simplifying and streamlining the classic Splinter Cell stealth ’em up formula. So has Blacklist sneaked off back to its roots in the shadows, or is it still flying its new, more action based colours loud and…

  • The Fanboy Within

    Tony tries not to let his emotions get in the way when people don’t agree with him on GTA V.

  • Podcast Plus – Xbox U

    Tony takes a swipe at the news that broke during the last podcast, Microsoft’s big Xbox One U turn.

  • Podcast Plus – Known Unknowns

    Tony looks at the knowns and (many) unknowns of the new Xbox One console.

  • Podcast Plus – We Can Monetise That For You, Wholesale

    Tony considers retro gaming and nostalgia, and wants us to look forwards, not backwards.

  • Guacamelee

    Guacamelee follows the adventures of our hero, an agave farmer named Juan. If you, like me, don’t know what agave is, then let me set you straight – it’s the plant you make tequila from. This, and the name, paves the way for the highly Mexican theme that runs right through this colourful 2D platformer.…